Registration user registration is simple. user registration — Initial Registration

1. Click the Login button at the top of the screen. User Registration -- Login Screen

2. Select Create an Account at the bottom of the login screen.

3. In the fields provided, enter:

  • A valid email address
  • Your firstname
  • Your lastname
  • A strong alphanumeric password with special characters

4. Check the box next to I’m not a robot in the reCAPTCHA box.

  • If you don’t check the box you will need to re-enter all information again
  • When you do click the reCAPTCHA you may also need to complete a second level of authentication via image recognition

5. Double-check all fields before you click Create Account.

6. You’ll receive a welcome email once account confirmation is complete. User Registration — Business Information

Next, input your business data.

1. Enter the following information in the mandatory fields:

  • Company Name
  • Address Line 1
  • City
  • Post Code — Zip Code for the U.S.
  • Country
  • Company Slug Name — Maximum of 10 alphanumeric characters (a-z and 0-9)
  • Allow Public URL for company — Select Public or Not Public from the drop-down menu
  • Website URL
  • Public Support Email for your clients
  • Receive Paperless Invoice by Email to

2. Double-check the entries and click Save Data.

From here, you move into the New Project page.