You registered with and established your project. Now, time to work on the project configuration process. 

In this example, we review the Theme configuration page. If you have projects for both Themes and Plugins, you can switch between them on the side menu. Project Configuration Process

You can also create a new project from this screen by clicking the Create New+ button in the right-hand corner.

To go to the configuration page click the Configure button under the Options column. Project Configuration Process

There are five tabs on this page.

1. Settings — Displays everything added in the Company Data and Project pages. This is also where you can update or delete the project.

2. Repository — Review and modify code update and release options:

    • Strict PHP checks
    • Strict WordPress checks
    • Hardcoded text detection
    • Security checks
    • PHP Linter checks

3. Releases — Lists development and production updates and versions.

4. Domains — Review and add new domains for automatic updates.

5. Changelog — Tracks the latest code changes.

Once you get familiar with the tabs on this page, you can move into development of the plugin or theme.