Private code repository for WordPress themes and plugins,

based on Subversion, Git and Mercurial is a DevOps platform for building plugins, themes and child themes for WordPress. The platform makes it simpler to deliver work and make it live on your website. We aim to optimise the code, meet WordPress coding standards by eliminating most common problems developers and managers must tackle. The business owner gains technical long term stability, can handover the project to new engineers easily and gets the fast deployment cycle. GET STARTED!

What problems does PushPanel solve?

  • The inconvenience of performing manual updates or uploading files using FTP.
  • The failure of a plugin update or WP security patch. You can always roll back the latest plugin update or WordPress security patch if it doesn’t work as well as you had expected.
  • The need to hire a developer every time you want to make an update to your website. This will no  longer be necessary.

Eliminate the risk of change

Do not be afraid to make changes in production. You can always reverse changes.
When you’ve finished building your project, test it with some staging to make sure that it works correctly.

Eliminate downtime

There’s no need to make FTP updates. Our API will update all your work in seconds.
Updates do not require downtime leads.

Reduce your workload

PushPanel cares about the standard and quality of your code, and about the underlying security.
As a developer, you will receive feedback when you commit the code.

Secure your work against data loss

PushPanel stores each version of your software and allows you to revert to the previous version easily if you wish to.
We keep your data secure. You can access it and export it whenever you need to.

Why PushPanel?

Themes and plugins

You can work remotely on the delivery of your WordPress themes or plugins as PushPanel projects.

Automated package build

The build automation generates the final package of a theme or a plugin and creates the zip file ready for use.

Release management

When your code is ready, you can release the latest version just by clicking on a button. If it fails, there is a rollback option there to reverse the implementation.

Strict coding standards

The coding is based on Apache Subversion with additional QA scripts to make sure the code meets the WordPress coding standards.

Private code repository

The PushPanel tool provides security and stability for the project with shared access management and backup functions.

Theme & plugin updates

Once released, your clients will see updates in their WordPress dashboards. No more manual code updates or using FTP.

Code review

Many developers can work on the project at the same time and you can review all code changes.


The tool records every code commitment with a change log. The latest version description will include it automatically.

What does PushPanel do? is a DevOps platform for building plugins, themes and child themes for WordPress.
The system is built to simplify the process of delivering work to your websites. We aim to meet WordPress coding standards and optimise code by eliminating common problems that developers face.
We guide you so that you can deliver the best possible product for your websites. The plugins and themes you develop using the PushPanel platform are compatible with the official WordPress repository. We keep every version of your plugin/theme so that you can roll back release to previous versions if you wish to.
To shorten the development cycles, the platform reduces the time between committing a change to your WP theme and implementing the change in normal production.

How does PushPanel work?

Our process is very simple. There are three main stages: development, staging and production.
First, the developer commits the code. The system makes initial code checks and if everything is okay, we move on to the staging part of the process, which is when we test the product before releasing it.
The system works on optimisation and testing and then creates a final zip file. Every time a developer changes the code and commits, the system will produce an optimised version of a plugin or theme.
The release of the product is the final stage of the process. After the system has performed the staging, the manager can use the admin panel to release the product. The system can be set up for automatic updates after each deployment.
Your websites will receive a notification about the new plugin/theme version ready for you to update inside the content management system (CMS). No more uploading plugins or themes manually through FTP. Everything happens automatically.

How easy is PushPanel to use?

The short answer is: very easy.

With PushPanel, you can:

Create a project

We offer a secure code repository based on Subversion, Git or Mercurial tools and systems. We only allow you to commit valid code.

Deliver code

We extract your code from the repository and create a zip package of your plugin. We perform several tests, optimizations and security scans.

Push an update out to your client

Your zip goes into a plugin/theme repository in which you can control the release of your product.
Once you’ve released the plugin, your clients will see an update button in their WordPress. You won’t need to update your product manually or use FTP to do it.

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