Features list

Plugins, themes and child-themes

Breakdown your WP site delivery into projects with all themes in one place. Have an available list of your company plugins. Multiple developers can work on these at the same time. Thanks to coding standards and best practice checks, the code is more likely to be compatible and invulnerable to WordPress updates. Our repository uses subversion with many additional checks to make sure your code meets the WordPress-coding standards. We make sure the text is easy to translate, and code is easy to manage. Additionally, we do basic security checks and most common errors checks to ensure your package is ready and standardized. This minimize common developer mistakes before the code is shipped to a client.

Automated package creation with final shipping build

The automated package program generates a final shipping build in a zip file ready to be deployed. Every time a developer commits a code, we start the testing process to catch errors and warnings and reveal good practices. Your WP site receives an automatic notification about the new update released. In turn, your customers can run plugin or theme updates in their WordPress backend. We pull your code from the repository and all the other stuff required and create the zip package with your plugin ready to go.

Private code repository

Our private code repository provides project security and stability. Thanks to this technology you can work with remote teams and lead the digital nomad life you always wanted. On the agency level, the repository tremendously helps with developers’ churn. It also serves as a validation check if someone you hire knows how to commit code into the repository. When there is time to work you can access your code base anytime through a web browser or preferred client application. In addition, your developers can work while you sleep. We offer secure code repository based on subversion. We allow only the valid code to be committed.

Code collaboration with changelog

Review code changes that you or your developers performed. This helps track your software revisions. Each project can have multiple developers. Code collaboration manages access permissions on the project and repository levels. Every time you or your developers commit a code to the repository we create a changelog that is automatically included into your final product.

Flexible deployments and release management

When your code is ready and the development package is fully tested, you can release official versions of your project. This can be done manually, automatically, or whenever it is needed. Your zip files from your product repository get added to a plugin/theme repository where you have release control over your product. Once released your clients see the update button in their WordPress. So, no need for manual product updates or to upload the code using FTP.

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