Create new project

You’ve taken the first step registering and entering your business information. Now, it’s time for the Project Creation Process.

The Project Creation Process Project Creation Process

1. Enter the Full Name of the project with a maximum of three words.

2. Enter the project’s Code Name with lowercase letters and numbers 0-9. Do not include spaces or underscores.

3. Select the project Type Plugin or Theme.

4. Enter a detailed Description of the project.

5. Select the current state of the project’s License Type from the drop-down menu.

6. Enter your project’s Tags and separate them by comma.

7. Choose the code Repository Type you currently or want to use. This can be either Subversion, gitor Mercurial.

8. Double-check all of your entries and make changes where necessary.

9. When done, click Create to record the information.

This will bring you to the Project Configure dashboard.