How to upload files into git repositories


Easiest. It is useful for making fast individual small changes.

  • Login to PushPanel account
  • Select a theme or plugin from the navigation
  • Click on repository
  • On the top left use button to upload file or edit.
  • Confirm by clicking commit.

Using git GUI client

Moderate, require installation of a graphical user interface (GUI) git client and follow steps:

  • Install a git GUI client on a PC:
  • Download code from<companyname>/<project>
  • Replace/add new files inside a tool (usually, it does this thing automatically)
  • Commit files into a local repository
  • Push changes to PushPanel repository.

Using git client console

Advanced, require console shell and commands. It is the fastest way of updating/changing things but also requires learning how git works.

  • install git-client
  • open console: cmd, shell, bash
  • git clone<companyname>/<project>/<project>.git
  • change/replace files ( do not delete )
  • git add <path-to-the-file> <path-to-the-file2> <path-to-the-folder/*>
  • git commit -m ‘reason of changes’
  • git push