Kubernetes vs Docker Swarm simple comparison

FeatureDocker SwarmKubernetes
InstallationSimple installation but resultant cluster not strongDifficult installation and a resultant cluster is strong
ScalabilityUnlimited nodes with a price of resources lost. 1000 nodes with 30,000 containers
5000+ but most companies will limit you to about 250 max. 5000 nodes with 150,000 containers
Load BalancingAuto load-balancing in one clusterManual load balancing sometimes is required for balancing traffic between pods and containers
RollbacksAutomatic rollback when a deployment fails.Automatic rollback when doing updates
UpdatesA cluster can be upgraded in placeIn-place cluster updates have been constantly maturing
AvailabilityHigh Availability. Auto restarting containers when host fail to deliver. High Availability. Health checks can be defined inside pods.
Monitoring3rd party tools.Tools built-in.
GUINo GUI. 3rd party like #portainer.ioComes with a dashboard.